Classes at UNCC Botanical Gardens and Community Environmental Links

From our friend, Paula Gross at UNCC Botanical Gardens….great ideas, great links, and great classes!

Don’t miss Botany for Gardeners and Naturalists – January 28-29

Begin with Botany! I think that’s going to be my new slogan. Plants are the basis of life on earth. They’ve mastered that little (awe-inspiring) trick of converting solar energy into energy that the rest of us heterotrophs need to live. Ready to be amazed by the plant kingdom and begin a journey of learning? Don’t miss the opportunity to take this weekend class with Larry Mellichamp, as it is only offered once a year. Open to everyone (14 & up).

Saturday January 28, 2017 (9am-3:30pm; ½ hour lunch)
and Sunday, January 29, 2017  (1:00pm – 5:00pm). (Snow dates: February 4,5)

Instructor:  Larry Mellichamp, PhD. Director Emeritus of UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens.
Location:  McMillan Greenhouse classroom at UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens.
Cost:  $115.00  Register online or by emailing

CNPS & NCBLA credit hours: 10
Participants will receive a one year membership to the North Carolina Native Plant Society (new members only).

In this very engaging course, Dr. Mellichamp will encourage participation through his lecture and hands-on experiences with plant parts. His approach to botanical topics such plant diversity, plant organs and how they function, life challenges, flowers and reproduction and how populations change over time and space will shed new light on the garden and natural habitats. The working vocabulary and perspective gained will change the way you look at plants and set a foundation for future learning.

Year-long Learning and Engagement

We won’t leave you hanging when it comes to more opportunities to learn with friends and experts. Check out our current list of classes, workshops, and events.  Classes through April are currently enrolling. May-December classes will be open for enrollment in late February, so mark your calendar. Additional summer-winter classes will be added, as well. This is a good list for future reference, but be sure to look out for emails or check our website for additional offerings later in the year.

We are proud of the range and quality of classes we offer, but our networks make us (and you) stronger, so explore the other rich opportunities for learning and connecting with plants and the natural world in the Charlotte region (links below).

Botany for Gardeners and Naturalists, January 28-29yellowcat
Growing Orchids at Home, February 12 (Orchid sale 11-14)
Camellias, February 23
Winter Garden Tour, February 26
Bird Sounds, March 4
Flower Journal, March 11
Responsible Lawn Care, March 14
Advanced Botany for Gardeners, March 18-19
Wild for Wildflowers (family fun event), April 1
Rhododendrons & Azaleas, April 3
Plant ID with Wildflowers, April 7
Spring Plant Sale (incl. info sessions) April 14-15
Mosses, April 22
Rain Gardens, May 6
Pressed Flower Art, May 24
Insect Control, June 6
Carnivorous Plant Carnival (family fun event), June 24
Plant Propagation, July 15
Getting Started with Herbs for Health, August 27
Insect Ecology, September 8-9
Mailbox Gardens and Tree Islands, September 12
Gardening with Native Grasses and Sedges, September 23
How to Plant a Tree, October 5
Fall Plant Sale (incl. info sessions), October 13-14
Healthy Soils, October 17
Tree and Shrub Identification, October 21-22
Economic Botany: Tropical Spices & Fruits, December 7

More places to learn about and engage with plants, nature, and gardening in Charlotte

This is just a partial list, there is much more out there to discover and it can begin as simply as spending more time outdoors, walking, and noticing all those other species.  

We thank Paula Gross, Assistant Director of UNCC Botanical Gardens for this impressive compilation of resources.